Editorial Guidelines

At, our mission is to ensure the information we provide is factually correct, accurate, and simple to consume. To accomplish this, our writers and editors adhere to a stringent set of rules and guidelines. 

Here is an overview of our editorial guidelines. 

Uncompromising Originality

We take pride in our commitment to original content. Not using any AI or rewriting software is a rule we strictly follow. We follow rigorous methods of monitoring our writers' work to make sure none of them use any AI-content-creating tools. Also, in the editing process, we have unique methods to identify any traces of AI-generated content. Although we are not averse to AI as a technology, we firmly believe in the value of content curated by experts for tech enthusiasts and beginners.

First-Hand Experience

Our team believes in the importance of first-hand experience. Our staff writers personally implement the how-to guides before writing about them. When reviewing products or services, we purchase or subscribe to them to evaluate their quality based on key industry factors.

Reliable Sources is committed to transparency and originality. If we draw upon external information, we ensure our sources are reputable entities within the tech industry. All our information is duly attributed to its original source.

Affiliate Disclosure

Techjury is committed to providing independent and impartial content. We maintain integrity in our content through honest, transparent, and fair writing and editorial standards. We value our readers’ trust and strive for integrity in every piece we publish. As we mentioned in our affiliate disclosure, some of our posts might have affiliate links that help us maintain the website. But none of these affiliations or our collaborations with business partners affect or influence our comparisons, guides, or any other piece of content we present here on  Our articles or content is always objective.

Accuracy and Accountability

We employ strict measures to ensure the accuracy of our content, including fact-checking and a four-tiered editing and verification process. Any content found to be false, misleading, or distorted is promptly addressed. When an article is edited due to inaccuracies, a clearly labeled correction note is added, providing details about the corrected error.

Rigorous Peer Review

In addition to our strict guidelines, we also have established a process of peer reviewing to ensure our content is factually correct and offers the highest value to our readers. Our editorial standards prioritize honesty, transparency, and fairness, underpinning our integrity in every published piece.

Our Team

Our editorial team comprises 40 experienced academics, educators, consultants, and journalists as in-house writers and a couple of master’s level English graduates as editors, and numerous industry experts sharing their experiences on our website as contributors. We share the same editorial guidelines with our contributing expert writers collaborating with us. Articles or content created by collaborating experts from outside goes through our strict editing guidelines before they get published on our website.

Open for Feedback

Given the rapid pace of technological change, we welcome feedback from our readers. If you find any content outdated or factually incorrect, please contact us at [email protected].

At, we are committed to providing independent, impartial, and accurate content. We value our readers' trust and strive for integrity in every piece we publish.