Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files stored on your computer or mobile device. They cannot carry or deliver viruses or other harmful software to your device. They’re unique and completely safe.

When you use our content or other services on, we may send web cookies (session or persistent cookies) to your computer, mobile, tablet, or other device. 

Cookies, often known as HTTP cookies or web cookies, are small data files with unique alphanumeric text identifiers. When a user browses a website, cookies are stored by web browsers on the user’s or reader’s computer or mobile device.

Find out where all popular browsers stores cookies on your Windows and macOS computers with this resource. Here are guides for IPhone and Android

What Type Of Third-Party Cookies Your Browser Might Be Saving While Browsing Our Website?

We use Third-Party services like Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, and Hotjar to improve our services. These third-party tools can also send cookies or mobile advertising identifiers to collect data about your online activities automatically. This data is used for analytics, advertising, and third-party interactions. These tools might also send targeted and tailored ads based on their collected data.

We might put up social media buttons for users to share our content or services. These third-party buttons from social media sites like Facebook can collect information by sending their cookies, even if you don’t interact with these buttons.

Why We Send or Use Cookies?

To Track User Behaviour To Improve Our Services - We use Cookies to track user behavior across our site to help us understand how our visitors use our website. This can help us improve our site layout, structure, content, and more to provide better services.

To Personalize Our Service For You - Cookies allow us to remember users’ actions or preferences over time, like language, location, or other settings. This helps us to personalize our website services to users. 

To Give You Targeted Ads - Cookies are often used to deliver targeted advertising. They can track what kinds of sites or products you are interested in and deliver ads that are more likely to be relevant to the user.

This cookie policy serves as a disclosure of how we use cookies and parallel tracking technologies. Transparency and compliance with privacy laws, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are ensured by having a comprehensive and easily understandable cookie policy for our users.

If you are keen on modifying how your browsers save cookies, here are guides for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

If you further want to avoid cookies, some opt-out initiatives might help you stop a few third-party advertisers from collecting your data.

If you want to stop Google Analytics from collecting your data, you can use this chrome plugin from Google -