What is a Dynamic QR Code Generator? [A Complete Guide]

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Have you ever had to reprint a QR Code just because of a typo? Is it possible to modify a QR code's destination after printing it? These are common questions surrounding QR codes. 

The good thing is there's a straightforward answer for all of these inquiries: dynamic QR codes. This type of QR Code offers more flexibility and convenience than the regular static ones. With a reliable QR Code generator, you can edit or update the content of your dynamic QR Code anytime—meaning no need for reprints. 

Learn more about dynamic QR code generators in this article. Explore their advantages, practical applications, and how they play a pivotal role in boosting your marketing efforts.

What is a Dynamic QR Code?

Dynamic QR Codes represent encoded data, typically a URL or information. In a standard QR Code, your data is directly embedded into the pattern of squares and dots—leading to immediate redirection to the destination URL when scanned.

 Unlike the traditional static ones that are unchangeable, dynamic QR Codes offer real-time editing and tracking capabilities. Check out how dynamic QR Codes compare to the static type in the photo below: 

Static QR vs Dynamic QR

In 2022, more than 200,000 QR Codes were created in the US alone. This indicates the surge of QR Code creation, especially dynamic ones. Generating QR codes can be effortless with the help of third-party tools. 

Dynamic QR code generators are versatile and can produce unique dynamic QR codes for different purposes. You can create dynamic QR codes to share URLs, access files, watch videos, view images, connect to WiFi networks, and more. 

👍 Helpful Article

Besides presenting multimedia content to your audience, dynamic QR Codes are also vital to networking. By incorporating them into your business cards, you can make contact sharing easier and more automated. Find out how to add dynamic QR Codes to digital business cards in this TechJury article. 

4 Reasons to Use Dynamic QR Code Generator

Listed below are four reasons why you should use dynamic QR Code generators:

  1. Effortlessly Modify Live Dynamic QR Codes: Make quick edits to live QR Codes by changing their URL destinations with just one click, eliminating the need for costly reprints.
  2. Monitor QR Code Performance: Understand scanners’ interactions and behavior by integrating QR Code Analytics with Google Analytics and other platforms.
  3. Enhanced Security for Enterprises: Most dynamic QR Code generators help shield your data from all security threats with security protocols such as SOC® 2 Type 2 and GDPR-compliant QR Codes.
  4. Uninterrupted Scalability as you Expand: QR Code generators with dynamic QR Code capabilities offer bulk generation capabilities, API, and compatibility with over 5000 apps to ease growth.

Creating a Dynamic QR Code Using a QR Code Generator

Creating a dynamic QR Code is a straightforward process that opens possibilities for sharing information. The steps below will show you how to create one using a QR Code maker

1. Go to the dynamic QR Code generator’s website. Make sure to select a reliable tool. 

Note: If you use Uniqode, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial.

2. In your dashboard, go to QR Codes. Click Create QR Code.

Beaconstac dashboard

3. Select the QR Code type.

4. Enter the relevant information. Click Next on the sidebar. 

Filling out QR Code information

5. Customize the QR Code according to your brand or preferences.

Designing a QR Code

6. Save and download the QR Code. You can export it as PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, or EPS.

Perks of Using Dynamic QR Codes

Using dynamic QR Codes, you can effortlessly update your offerings, locations, contact details, and more to stay in line with what is most relevant at any given time. 

Perk 1: Keep Your Campaigns and Materials Updated

ICC World Cup banner

Image Source: LinkedIn

The image above is an ICC World Cup promotion banner featuring a dynamic QR Code. This QR Code can direct scanners to the latest World Cup match registration, ensuring they stay informed about the most recent dates and match details. 

A dynamic QR Code generator lets you quickly modify the destination or content you want your audience to see. This works well with campaigns or materials that often require updates or changes. 

Perk 2: Swift Scanning

A smooth prospect experience is essential for building prospect loyalty. If a consumer struggles to scan your QR Code, they will not only miss out on the intended experience. They may also have a negative opinion of your brand.

With dynamic QR Code generators, you can convert shortened URLs into QR patterns. Because the URL is concise, the data patterns are less dense. These sparse data patterns make detecting easier for cameras and QR scanners. This results in cleaner-looking QR Codes and enhances the overall consumer experience.

Perk 3: Trackability 

QR Codes serve as call-to-action buttons in the physical world. Like any other campaign, it is crucial to measure performance for improvement. Regular static QR Codes lack this tracking capability. 

However, with a dynamic QR Code generator, you can trace your campaigns, monitor scans, observe scanner behavior, and better understand your consumers. You can also decode analytics by location, time, and device. 

Perk 4: Scalability

Static QR Codes have limitations. Once included in packaging or marketing materials, they cannot be reused. Such types would be futile for businesses looking to grow. However, with dynamic QR Codes, you can launch new campaigns, announce new stores, and experiment with different product positioning anytime.  

Best Free Dynamic QR Code Generators: Complete Review

Creating a dynamic QR Code requires getting a good generator. Here are 5 of the best dynamic QR Code generators that you can use for free: 

1. Uniqode

Beaconstac Pricing page

Uniqode is the safest and easiest dynamic QR Code generator. This tool received a 4.9/5 rating from G2. Its dynamic QR Code offers enterprise-grade security features to address all your QR Code security concerns, analytics and tracking capabilities, easy collaboration, scalability, and customization options.

Features and quick review:

  • All features are accessible in the free trial, including password protection, IP tracking, and full dynamic QR Code customization. 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Real-time generation 
  • Integrate Slack, Canva, and CRM brands to optimize workflow
  • Highly customizable
  • You can include your brand colors, change the shape of your QR Codes, and add patterns or frames. 
  • Offers a QR Code template library of 20+ professionally built templates
  • It has an intuitive analytics dashboard to track data—including scans, users, device usage, IP location, etc.
  • Online retargeting to help you connect with Google & Facebook users 

2. The QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator homepage

The QR Code Generator ranks among the most commonly used and highly acclaimed free online dynamic QR Code creation solutions. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of generating and using QR Codes. 

Furthermore, the QR Code Generator offers easily accessible customization features. It simply requires you to select the QR Code type, input the URL, and pick your desired template.

Features and quick review:

  • Most features are accessible with the freemium version. However, it includes ads. 
  • Getting a subscription removes ads and allows you to download PDF QR Codes.
  • Branded URL features are available in their paid plans.
  • Finding the button to export or download QR Codes can be challenging. These options are tucked away in the design customization section. 
  • Design options are good and basic. You can upload your logos and edit templates.
  • Basic QR Code analytics are available, including daily scans and geo-locations.

3. QR Code Generator Pro

QR Code Generator Pro homepage

QR Code Generator Pro lets you create dynamic QR Codes with built-in landing pages. These dynamic QR Codes offer a no-frills approach for businesses and individuals looking to create and manage QR Codes with dynamic and editable content.

Features and quick review:

  • You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to access all features.
  • Simple user interface. Features are categorized into dynamic and static QR Codes for easy navigation.
  • QR Code setup is quick and easy, with no extensive features.
  • There are basic customization options for you to edit the frame, logo, and overall QR Code appearance.
  • You can link to any page on the web easily. It even comes with a tracking function.
  • It lets you share videos, MP3 formats, PDFs, and apps from the App Store or Google Play. 
  • Personalized social media integrations are available to improve your brand engagement. 
  • OR Codes are instantly shareable. 

4. Scanova

Scanova homepage

Scanova is another dynamic QR Code generator that offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities such as easy design, administration, and monitoring. This solution lets you personalize QR Codes, aligning them smoothly with your brand identity and design preferences. 

Features and quick review:

  • The trial initiation process is ​​straightforward. 
  • There is no upfront distinction between dynamic and static QR Codes.
  • Most advanced settings like URL edits and password protection are unavailable on the free trial.
  • Customization of QR Codes is not available on the free trial, but you can download QR Codes in various formats and customize their dimensions before downloading.
  • The tool includes basic data tracking capabilities. 
  • You can create mobile-optimized landing pages. 
  • Scanova provides additional features such as tags, team access, and white labeling for team building. 
  • You can generate any type of QR Code based on the content you want to share or the action you want users to take. 

5. QR Code Tiger

QR Code Tiger homepage

QRTiger offers a user-friendly interface and extensive design customization features that simplify QR Code production. This dynamic QR Code generator is intuitive and prioritizes speed, security, and adherence to privacy regulations.

Features and quick review:

  • QR Code Tiger offers a restrictive freemium model with only three dynamic QR Codes allowed and a 500-scan limit.
  • QR Code patterns, eye designs, logo integrations, color customization, frame styles, and templates are customizable. 
  • Upload your brand logo or select one from their library
  • Primary scan tracking data includes scan number, time, location, and device used
  • Provides smart targeting and retargeting features
  • Offers safety and security with advanced protocols such as 2FA and GDPR compliance
  • Create up to 1000 new QR Codes with your brand name in seconds
  • Hosted on Amazon AWS
  • Easy to integrate with CRM software such as Zapier, Salesforce, and more

Below is a table summarizing the best dynamic QR Code generators. Check out each tool's ease of use, analytics prowess, user interface, and trial features. 


QR Code Generator

Trial Duration

Trial Features and Accessibility

User Experience and Learning Curve

Design and Customization

Analytics and Insights



14 days

  • Comes with tiered subscriptions

  • Most features are accessible 
  • Simple UI with no learning curve

  • Get started with QR code generation in minutes
  • All aspects of the dynamic QR Code are customizable

  • Access the QR Code template library
  • Simple scan analytics dashboard

  • Detailed QR Code tracking data via legible graphs


The QR Code Generator


  • Access most features 

  • Includes ads
  • UI is not as intuitive as Uniqode

  • No clear button to export QR Codes
  • Good customization options

  • Upload your logos  and edit templates
  • Basic QR Code analytics 

  • No data categorization options


QR Code Generator Pro

14 days

  • Access to all features

  • Features are divided based on QR Code type
  • Straightforward  UI for QR Code creation

  • Swift QR Code setup
  • Limited customization, even with paid plans

  • Edit the overall look of your QR Code
  • Basic QR Code scan details

  • Data insights are limited




  • Simple  trial initiation

  • Most advanced settings are not accessible 
  • UI may need some time to get used to

  • Text-based UI instructions may be overwhelming
  • Customizable QR Code dimensions

  • Multiple formats for export
  • Good scan data tracking capability


QR Code Tiger


  • Three dynamic QR Codes limit

  • Dashboard seems overwhelming
  • Unintuitive UI

  • Upload your logo or select one from their library
  • Plenty of options for customization

  • No high-resolution image support
  • Basic scan data tracking (i.e., scan, time)

  • Lacks deep tracking details


An effective dynamic QR Code generator is what a marketer or brand manager needs in this fast-paced modern world. It will help you outpace your competitors, captivate prospects, and highlight interesting experiences. 

Create your custom dynamic QR Codes using the best QR Code generators mentioned in this article. Open the door to limitless marketing opportunities for your business and brand with dynamic QR Codes. 

Dynamic QR Code Generator FAQs.

What are the risks of free QR code generators?

You have to be careful with free QR Code generators. Since they lack encryption and other security features, they can come with malware. Some free QR Code generators even collect and reveal users’ personally identifiable information

Are Canva QR codes dynamic?

Canva recently added a QR Code generator feature. However, the QR Codes that are produced by the platform are static. If you plan to create dynamic QR Codes with Canva, you will need a Hovercode account. 

Can you change a dynamic QR code to a static QR code?

No. Changing a dynamic QR Code to a static type is impossible, or vice versa. The two types are very different regarding structure and encoding, which makes conversion unattainable.


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