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If your iOS device gets stuck or it won’t turn on, there’s no need to panic. I have an app that can be your knight in shining armor. Read this TunesKit iOS System Recovery review till the end to learn all about it.

Supported devices

All iOS


Standard and advanced

Fixes for

150+ known iOS issues

AppleTV fixes


iTunes fixes


Downgrade function


Free trial


Money-back guarantee

Yes (5 and 30 days)


apple mac-os
TuneSkit iOS System Recovery logo


Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Anyone with frozen and unresponsive iOS devices

Strengths Fixes numerous iOS issues
Strengths Saves all your data
Strengths Beginner-friendly
Strengths Solutions for AppleTV and iTunes
Weaknesses Free trial is very limited
Weaknesses No live chat customer support

What Is TunesKit iOS System Recovery?

Did your phone freeze?

Calm down.

Quite often, the issue you’re experiencing isn’t as big as it first seems. All you need is a good system recovery tool to deal with it. One such application is TunesKit iOS System recovery.

Whether you’re getting a black or disabled screen, or you’re stuck on the Apple logo screen or in the middle of a system update, this tool can help. It can make many iOS problems go away in just a few clicks and you can continue using the device as if nothing happened.

So, how effective is it?

Let’s check it out.


According to the company, this iOS system recovery tool can fix over 150 common problems. So, let’s take a look at the most prominent features this iOS restore kit brings:

No Data Loss

I know your worst fear.

Data loss.

Luckily, this isn’t something you have to worry about when using TunesKit. It has been specifically designed to ensure nothing happens to your data in most scenarios. 

Only on some rare occasions when the system experiences a catastrophic failure, does it have to remove the data in order to fix the problem. But more on that in the next section.

Resolutions in Two Modes

TunesKit iOS System Recovery can fix your iPad, iPhone, and other Apple devices. It can solve both simple and complex iOS problems. 

It has two modes of work:

  • Standard mode deals with most minor issues.
  • Advanced mode, can resolve the most complex cases.

When running in the standard mode, TunesKit will never delete your data. If that doesn’t help, you can switch to the advanced mode which is more effective. However, it erases everything from the device.

repair Modes

Bypass iTunes Errors

The TunesKit iOS System Recovery software doesn’t only resolve system issues. It can help with iTunes, too. And we all know how that one can glitch.

Devices get stuck or unresponsive when using the iTunes backup or restore functionalities. So, this feature really comes in handy.

Fix AppleTV

You’ll be happy to hear that TunesKit can deal with the AppleTV issues just like on all other devices.

TunesKit can deal with:

  • Black and white screen
  • Recovery mode glitches
  • Failed updates

And more.

One-Click Enter/Exit from Recovery Mode

With TunesKit, you can halt the recovery process in a single click. The best part is that nothing will happen to your data because of it. 

TunesKit ensures that everything is like it was before you started the recovery process.

Full Support for all iOS Versions

Quite often, third-party tools don't work with all iOS devices, even though they’re supposed to. This is because they don’t support earlier (and sometimes the newest) versions.

If you want to use TunesKit iOS System Recovery for iPhone, you have nothing to worry about. It’s compatible with all iOS versions, including the latest.

Downgrade iOS

In case you ever decide you want to go back to one of the previous iOS versions, you can do that through TunesKit.

It takes just a few taps!

Ease of Use and Interface

Regardless of whether you’re using TunesKit iOS System Recovery for Windows or Mac, completing any action is as easy as it gets. In fact, the entire point of using a tool like this is to avoid taking your device to a technician.

When you run the app, you’ll see an extensive list of problems TunesKit can help resolve. Simply select the one you’re facing and click Start. Then, you can choose between the Standard and Advanced modes. The app will then take care of the rest.

iOS Repair

Depending on what problem you’re experiencing, the process may take a little longer to complete. However, this is expected when using a system recovery tool.

It’s also important to mention that TunesKit advises not to exit the recovery window or disconnect the device before the process is complete.


Of course, in order to deliver a good TunesKit iOS System Recovery review, I had to test the customer support.

With the nature of the system recovery process being as it is, chances are you’ll have to talk to TunesKit customer support at some point.

You can do so via email only, with the address being available on the company’s website. I received a response in about three hours.

Unfortunately, there’s no live chat feature, meaning that you can’t get an instant response.

However, TunesKit does have a great knowledge base on its website. You can check out the guides and tutorials, along with the FAQ page.

Even if you’re dealing with a different issue such as Instagram Stories not working or you want tips on video editing, you may find the answer there.


Another thing you might want to learn more about is the TunesKit iOS System Recovery price

Before you opt for any of the deals TunesKit offers, you can download the free trial version of the program. It doesn’t come with all the options the full program offers, but it’s enough to check out the app and see if it can help you with the issue you’re experiencing.

The company offers several pricing plans for this product. They’re identical for iOS System Recovery for Windows and Mac.

Let’s check them out:

One-Month License


One device/unlimited PCs

One-Year License


Two devices/unlimited PCs

Lifetime License


Five devices/unlimited PCs

If you have more iDevices, you can pick up the Lifetime License and increase the number of devices covered by your plan. Just keep in mind that the price increases as well.

In case you’re not satisfied with the app, you can get your money back, no questions asked. For monthly and yearly deals, the money-back guarantee lasts for five days, while for the lifetime deal it’s thirty days.


The iOS System Recovery from TunesKit indeed offers a solution to the majority of known problems. It can deal with a lot for you -  from frozen screens to entirely unresponsive devices.

The tool is also extremely easy to use. All you have to do is install the program and in a few clicks, you can restore your iOS device.

And the best part? 

It’s cheaper than dealing with a technician.

Why not give the free trial a go? That way you can see for yourself how effective this tool really is.


Is TunesKit iOS System Recovery legit?

Absolutely. It currently has 5000+ users and can flaunt 1000+ downloads per day. So, it’s definitely not a scam nor does it present a threat to your device.

What is TunesKit iOS System Recovery?

TunesKit can help you if your iOS devices freeze or are unresponsive. It will protect your data in almost all cases - the only exception is if you’re experiencing crucial failure.

In addition, it can downgrade your device to the previous OS version, if that’s what you want.

How do I use system recovery on TunesKit iOS?

It’s extremely easy - the whole process has three stages, but all the manual work includes identifying the issue from a list within the program. That’s it!

What is iOS system recovery?

When your iOS device is malfunctioning, you can try performing a system recovery. You can also factory reset the device.  Or you can get an app to do the work for you.  

Check out my TunesKit iOS System Recovery review for more details.


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1 year ago
Does the TunesKit iOS System Recovery fix microphone issues with iPhone 7 Plus? Microphone volume drops suddenly and keeps cutting out when I’m talking to people where I can hear them but they can’t hear me unless I keep my finger on the volume up button all the time.

1 year ago
Hi MJ. We didn't have this problem when we tested the app. You should contact TunesKit's customer support to check if the software can fix this specific issue. Best, Deyan Georgiev