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Many users have put in a good word for this tool, but it’s frankly a hit-and-miss. Check out this FoneGeek iOS System Recovery review to see what makes it paradoxical.

Supported Operating Systems

iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS

Device Limit


One-Click Recovery Mode Enter/Exit


“No Data Loss” Repair Method




Free Trial


Lifetime Licensing


Customer Support

Email, knowledge base, and social media


mac-os windows
FoneGeek iOS System Recovery logo

MINIMUM PRICE $2.83/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Users with older iOS devices

Strengths Five-device licenses
Strengths Wide Windows and iOS compatibility
Strengths Intuitive interface
Strengths Competitive prices
Weaknesses No Windows 11 support
Weaknesses No plans for macOS
Weaknesses Conditional money-back guarantee
Weaknesses Unresponsive help desk

What Is FoneGeek iOS System Recovery?

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is a desktop app designed to solve almost all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch issues. So, it can handle errors iTunes can’t.

Launched in February 2021, it democratizes mobile device repairs.

It’s engineered to address hundreds of devices, screens, modes, iTunes, and update problems without the help of a professional technician. Getting out of a frozen screen, downgrading a version without jailbreaking, and completing a software update are some examples.

Primarily sold by subscription, this product has a lifetime license too.

Its vendor, officially called FoneGeek Software Co., Ltd., claims that it has a higher fixing rate than comparative tools. Judging by its rapid evolution over its short history, it has a strong case for being the best out there.

That said, it has strange drawbacks. If you stick around, you’ll see whether those are a deal-breaker.


Here’s the essence of iOS System Recovery by FoneGeek:


This tool can not only repair a long list of issues, but it can also work on a huge array of Apple products. For simplicity’s sake, you can expect it to work its magic on any device running iOS 7 or later.

By January 2022, 93% of all the iOS iterations in use worldwide were versions 8 and up. So, there’s a great chance that this product can sort your iPhone out.

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, FoneGeek’s iOS System Recovery will be able to remedy its problems.

However, Apple has ceased support for this device. So, even if this product successfully restores your phone’s normal functionality, it’ll still be vulnerable to hackers.

After 2022, the iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and first-generation iPhone SE will be in the same boat.

Moreover, iOS System Recovery by FoneGeek, despite its name, also supports iPadOS and tvOS.

Device Limits

Irrespective of license, you can install this tool on one PC and repair up to five pieces of supported technology.

For this reason, it can give you more bang for your buck than Fixppo. The monthly and annual plans of its iMyFone counterpart are limited to one iOS device only.


On paper, this tool is installable on PCs and Macs. It has downloadable EXE and DMG files for Windows and macOS, respectively.

Do you need a license to take a closer look at it?

No, you don’t.

You can install it on your computer before placing an order and explore its interface as much as you want without forking over your cash.

Unlike Aiseesoft's FoneLab, this tool is useless on Windows 11. As of writing this FoneGeek iOS System Recovery review, it’s compatible only with Windows versions Vista through 10.

Curiously, FoneGeek doesn’t sell an iOS System Recovery edition for macOS on its site. Rather, it promotes iMyFone Fixppo plans.

If you click “Buy Now,” the company will link you to its competitor’s site. And from there, you can purchase Fixppo’s Windows edition, which directly competes with this product.

Are FoneGeek and iMyFone sister companies?

I couldn’t find any source confirming the relationship between these two Shenzhen-based software providers. Not even Send2Press, a Chinese newswire, could shed light on this apparent partnership.

Dual Modes

This tool can correct dozens of iOS woes in two modes: Standard and Advanced. The first one can efficiently relieve the 20+ usual hiccups without data loss. The second can ease less common issues, but not without wiping your device clean.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery modes

Logically, you should always try to fix your faulty device in Standard mode. It’s the only way to get everything back to normal without going back from the start. Using Advanced mode will only make sense if the Standard one fails to get the job done.

Either way, this tool would ask you to put our device in Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode to get started. If you can’t, the alternative is the Recovery mode.

If you don’t know how to do DFU or Recovery mode, you shouldn’t worry. The iOS System Recovery app provides simple instructions every step of the way. More on this later.

One-Click Recovery Mode Enter/Exit

With this tool, you can easily go in and out of recovery mode without losing any data. This spells convenience since you may need to put your iOS-powered device into it to fix a problem. This feature is available in the tool’s macOS version only, though.

Free Updates

As a FoneGeek iOS System Recovery license holder, you get to enjoy free software updates for life. This could mean great savings and considerable convenience if you intend to use this tool for a long time.

Apart from security enhancements, you can receive additional features when they’re hot off the press at no extra cost.

To put things into perspective, this tool could deal with 150+ iOS problems when FoneGeek rolled it out. Now, it’s optimized to take care of 50 more.

Ease of Use and Interface

FoneGeek enjoys a 4.5 average score on Trustpilot. And iOS System Recovery’s intuitiveness and effectiveness have been a major reason for it.

This tool has a simple interface that renders its four-step process foolproof.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery setup

The screen never shows anything irrelevant, so expect zero distractions along the way. It provides basic instructions accompanied by helpful visuals and abundant white space.

Setting your device to dfu mode

Many things could go wrong, but the app is prepared for any contingency. 


FoneGeek extends customer support via email, a medium that usually doesn’t provide an instant response.

The company claims that its help desk is available 365 days a year. Although it promises to answer messages within 24 hours, it doesn’t find a response time of two full days unreasonable.

I opened a support ticket to see how fast I could get a reply. But nobody got back to me after 48 hours.

Fortunately, this software provider has many self-help options.

Its knowledge base has plenty of room for improvement. But its current state contains a good number of insightful product guides and FAQ sections.

Although it hasn’t verified its details, FoneGeek has claimed its Trustpilot profile.

Historically, the company promptly responded to all negative testimonials, 2 out of 2. This is an encouraging sign that the vendor cares about its public reputation and pays attention to disgruntled customers.

In terms of social media presence, FoneGeek used to be active on the most popular channels. It hasn’t updated its Facebook status since July 2021, nor has it tweeted after August 3rd of the same year. But you can trust to reach out to it on Messenger.

On YouTube, the company uploaded its 33rd and most recent video tutorial on January 19, 2022.


iOS System Recovery by FoneGeek has a free trial edition with limited functions. By design, it can give you a taste of how the tool works.

To purchase a license and experience everything it has to offer, you have three options:



1 PC, 5 devices, free updates, and free tech support. It’s subject to auto-renewal.



1 PC, 5 devices, free updates, and free tech support. It’s subject to auto-renewal.



1 PC, 5 devices, free updates, and free tech support. It involves a one-time fee only.

As you can see, FoneGeek has decided not to use a tiered pricing model. So, there’s no need to upgrade to get all the features because you can get them all with any plan. The company’s prices are highly competitive too.

For the time being, this vendor doesn’t sell any software bundles. That’s why it has no answer to Wondershare’s Dr. Fone, a toolkit for system repair, data recovery, and more.

When it comes to payment, FoneGeek accepts PayPal and any credit card issued by:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • JCB

That’s a decent number of options, but it’s less than what the company advertises on its site.

FoneGeek’s iOS System Recovery licenses are fully refundable within 30 days. But the company’s money-back guarantee is strictly conditional.

For instance, experiencing some technical trouble isn’t enough grounds for getting your cashback. The company obligates you to contact its support team immediately and cooperate with their troubleshooting suggestions. Unless the software provider declares the issue terminal, a refund is off the table.

Furthermore, you can’t request your money back if you simply change your mind or purchase the wrong product. The company is more inclined to exchange your license for another than to refund you.


iOS System Recovery by FoneGeek is a paradox.

It’s compatible with many old Windows and iOS versions, but it doesn’t work with the latest PC systems yet.

Its prices are highly competitive. Irrespective of license, you’re guaranteed to have the luxury of using it on up to five devices without paying extra.

That said, its macOS edition doesn’t seem to be available for sale. Due to its rather strict refund policy, there are only a few scenarios where you can get your cashback.

Tech support doesn’t cost a penny. But with the company’s unresponsiveness, I wish there was an option to receive more immediate assistance for a fee.

Nevertheless, this FoneGeek iOS System Recovery review proved that it has a foolproof interface. Such app design is extremely important, especially when you’re trying to DIY iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS device repairs.


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Romj Amon

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